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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower essences were developed over 70 years ago by Dr Edward Bach. He was an English physician, homeopath and bacteriologist.

Since Dr Bach developed the 38 essences from flowers of wild plants in the 1930's, they have become very popular with humans and animals.

They can help you and your animals face the emotional challenges we face in everyday life and help to restore inner balance.

They are infusions of flowers that work with the emotional state. During times of stress and illness emotions can become unbalanced. He discovered the healing properties of the wild flowers. The flower essences help to bring the emotions back into balance.

A veterinary surgeon can diagnose animals as having the same medical condition, but each animal will recover at different rates depending upon their own emotional state. Dr Bach's system is for treating the negative emotional state in people, in animal's abnormal behaviours. It is not to be used for treating medical conditions.

This gentle system of flower essences can help with many emotional-behavioural issues. The remedies help animals find the positive side of life again. Rescued, abused, grieving, re-homed animals benefit immensely from this beautiful system of gentle flower essences. They can also be used if your cat is recovering from an illness.

Response Time

Response times can be as quick as 48 hours or a few months, depending on how ingrained the issue is. During this time, be supportive of your cat and have patience and give the remedies time to work.

Please note: I note I cannot guarantee any behavioural outcomes within a set time. All cats are individuals, and I will work at the cat's pace.

The cat’s emotional wellbeing is my priority.

Are they safe to take?

Flower essences are totally safe and natural to take and can be used with other treatments. 

They are completely non-toxic and have very little taste or smell but work in a gentle fashion to balance the emotional needs of the animal.

I use the glycerine based remedies which are designed with animals in mind.

They don't cause any side effects and interact perfectly with any medication your cat may be on.

Shelf life & how long does a treatment bottle last?

Ideally stored somewhere cool and dark like a refrigerator.

It is important to keep the pipette clean. Make sure it doesn't come into contact with skin or treats.

A 30ml treatment bottle will last 3 weeks when using the minimum dosage.


The minimum dose is 4 drops 4 times a day. 4 drops equals one dose. Flowers essences can not be overdosed.

It is recommended that the doses are spaced out evenly throughout the day. Preferable in the morning and the last one at bedtime and the other two doses in between. Food and drink do not interfere with the effect the remedies have. 

How to give the drops.

You can drip the drops onto a treat and give to the cat/animal. You can also give them between the shoulder blades as you would a spot on treatment. If your cat eats its meal all in one sitting they can have it with food. Any safe way is fine. I don't advise putting it in the water bowl as they will not get the full dosage.

Please never attempt to give them via the mouth as the might bite on the glass dropper and it could break. 

Veterinary Referral

If your cat is showing signs of different behaviour it is always best to get them checked over by your vet first. 

I am bound by law to get written permission from your veterinary surgeon before the consultation. This is a simple procedure.  I will send you a referral form for them to complete. 

Your veterinary surgeon will need to complete the veterinary referral form to ensure that no medical reason is behind the behaviour. If your vet requests, I will send them a report of any recommendations. The form needs to be returned to me prior to the consultation.

Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) Bach Flower Cats will not and cannot diagnose.

The Bach Flower Remedies used by Bach Flower Cats are flower essences. They are not controlled substances that can only be prescribed by a veterinary surgeon.