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It's so lovely to have your here looking at deepening your connection with your cat.

I could not imagine my life without my cats. 

Bach Flower Essences and animal communication has opened up a whole new world to me and I hope it will for you too. It can make a beautiful difference to your cats life.

I love what I do and I am grateful to work with so many precious cats and their guardians.

I am also passionate about working with... Read more

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower essences were developed over 70 years ago by Dr Edward Bach. He was an English physician, homeopath and bacteriologist.

Since Dr Bach developed the 38 essences from flowers of wild plants in the 1930's, they have become very popular with humans and animals.

They can help you and your animals face the emotional challenges we face in everyday life and help to restore inner balance.

They are infusions of flowers that work with ... Read more

Animal Communication

Have you ever wondered what your beautiful animal companion is thinking? Animal Communication gives them a voice, an opportunity to be heard.

To share messages, wisdom and humour with you.

Animals love to share with us! It enables you to see life through their eyes.

Animals communicate to us all the time through our senses. They use non-verbal language which include connecting through images, feelings, thoughts. 

If you have ever thoug... Read more

What my clients say

Customer Love
Javiera Mandiola

The reading was excellent and spot on 💕 all the information was delivered sensitively and has helped me to understand better what my dog is going through. Thank you Kitty 💞 xx

28 Sep 2022
Rebecca Morgan - Pussycat Lodge Trust

Coco The Rescue Cat

Coco went to her new home on the 27th December 2022.

Thank you so much for your help with everything you’ve been amazing.

Coco responded amazingly to BFR. Myself and the other volunteers at the rescue noticed the change in her behaviour. Before BFR Coco was very unpredictable and after she is so loving.


Pussycat Lodge Trust

31 Dec 2022
Nicole Klein

I got two beautiful readings for our cats, something I wouldn't have considered before. To my surprise she got their characters really well and some unexpected but accurate subjects came up too. Can definitely recommend trying her animal communication out. It might just surprise you what your animal companions have to say. 

Thank you Bach Flower Cats xx

28 Sep 2022


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Alexandre Carretero

29 September 2022

29 September



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