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How Bach Flower Remedies Helped Mooncat

How Bach Flower Remedies Helped Mooncat

Bach Remedies & Mooncat

I thought I would tell you a bit more about Bach Flower Remedies and how they helped Mooncat.  

Early on Dr. Bach saw that the remedies could not only help humans but animals also.

Thankfully, these days it is realised that animals are sentient beings and that they have feelings and emotions just like us humans. They love us unconditionally and for many of us they are the ones waiting when we get home, our companions, confidants, the ones who are always there for us without judgement, or any other reason, they are always there for us.

How many times have you had your cat/dog come to you when you have been ill, upset, stressed, tired and settles next to you, offering a paw, soft purrs, gentle head bumps, sits on your lap, lies next to you, and helps you to feel better. Like me you will probably have them do this more times than you can remember. They pick up on our emotions and energy and respond to it. Our precious animals don't judge us, all they do is love us.

So as their guardian when times are not so great for them Bach Flower Remedies are a way of gently helping them back to emotional balance. As always if your cat is just not him/her self always check with the vet to ensure there is no medical reason behind the change in their behaviour.

Did you know that Bach Flower Remedies can help with:



Recovery from illness



Bereavement.........the list goes on.

Mooncat's Personal Experience with Bach Flower Remedies

Last year my precious Mooncat became ill. A chest infection, she was not well, and as many of you know she is my world, my everything. She was prescribed antibiotics but unfortunately, they did not agree with her and a upset tummy added to her load. We had a few visits to the vets for progress checks and to change the antibiotics and pro-biotics to help her tummy. It was quite a long road for her and at the age of 21+ it was a lot for her to content with. The vet did an amazing job of curing the infection and getting her upset tummy better but she was emotionally and physical exhausted from fighting the infection.

I knew she needed more to help her recover, this is where Bach Flower Remedies stepped in. I made her a personal mix to help her emotionally, to assist with any anxiety, loss of energy and tiredness from fighting the illness and for any feelings of feeling vulnerable during this time.

Mooncat was given this daily as per the recommended dose; within a few days I could see and sense the change in her and her energy. Mooncat was brighter and she soon established her routine again. Her sparkle was back.  

The combination of the two treatments working together made such a difference to Mooncat. The flower essences are so gentle but amazingly powerful. Over a year later and Mooncat is still happy and enjoying life. 

Love & purrs Moooncat & me xx

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