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In Memory of Mooncat

In Memory of Mooncat

It’s been nearly six months since my beautiful and precious girl became a star in the sky.

Even as I sit at my desk to write this, I know that there are no words that can describe her and her beautiful soul.

Life without her physical presence has been a huge adjustment and I am still navigating my path with her at my side but in a different way.

The day she gained her wings my heart broke. I could not breath as she was no longer breathing. Time stopped, I wanted to stop, to turn back the clock but I couldn't. Even then she gave me love and strength to do what was needed. That moment had come. Mooncat was ready for her next journey.

The touch of her soft paw in my hand. The calming and reassuring sound of her gentle but powerful purr. Her little face peeking round the front door as I opened it upon my return home. Her peaceful presence always at my side. My companion who slept next to me every night keeping me safe. Her energy and joy for life. Sitting in silence with me. Her ability to look into my eyes and know how I was feeling. Bringing light into the darkness.

Her unconditional lover never faltered.

Even when her body aged, and she slowed down her joy of life never changed. The joy and beauty in the simplest of things. Basking in the soft rays of the morning sun. Watching a butterfly flutter by. Her love of food. Just being herself.

She held my hand through so much. The highs, lows, and everything in between. She never doubted me even when I doubted myself and I thought I couldn’t do something or wasn’t good enough.

She showed me that that love and being together was all we needed, and we could face anything together. People, places come and go but the ones that are meant to stay with us will. She taught me how to let go of what I didn’t need. How to be brave and be proud of being me.

Our hearts are forever joined.

I look up at the sky on a dark night and I see her star shining down on me.

Mooncat was and still is my inspiration to live my dreams, never give up and to believe in myself as she did and still does.

Each and every time I do an animal communication, a Bach Flower Consultation she is at my side, her energy and love flowing into me and what I do.

I am so grateful for the 5-week-old kitten that came unexpectedly into my life and the amazing twenty-three years that followed. Without her I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Her love touched everyone she ever met.

Her love and presence are still here with me and always will be. Our hearts are entwined for eternity.

With all my love to my beautiful girl who gave me so much and love to all of you who have taken the time to read this.

In memory of you Mooncat. I know you continue to be your beautiful self and always will.

Until you hear from us again,

Lorraine and Mooncat xx

February 2024

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