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Lawrence The Rescue Cat

Lawrence The Rescue Cat

Lawrence is a precious soul who was rescued by Forgotten Felines Cat Rescue. The rescue encounters many cats with behavioural issues which are often caused by trauma.

Lawrence lived on the streets as a stray for many years, the rescue believed approximately 10 years! The rescue were informed that he had been part of a colony and over the years the colony slowly disappeared. They were contacted by a kind lady who had been feeding him and asked for the rescues help.

Lawrence was taken in by the rescue. He was given a health check by the vet and neutered and thankfully he had no serious health issues.  All he needed was someone to give him a chance so he could have his forever home.  He was placed with one of there experienced fosterers in their home who would love and care for Lawrence until he was ready to go to his new home.

Lawrence was very untrusting of humans and when he came to the rescue he had lots of behavioural problems, the biggest one being trust. He would hide away in his igloo bed only coming out to eat and go to the toilet once everyone in the house had gone to bed. He wasn’t aggressive but very fearful of his new home and all that came with it. If he had access beyond the safety of his big cat crate he would just bolt and hide away. He had no interest in play, fuss or interacting with his fosterers. His fears were stopping him from being able to move forward to a new world where he would be loved and cared for and become part of a family.

The rescue reached out to me to see if I could help.  I was more than happy to be be able to help Lawrence and that the rescue believed and trusted in my work as a Bach Flower Remedy Animal Counsellor.

I worked with Bev from the rescue who shared with me as much as the rescue knew about his past and his current behaviour.

I studied all the information gathered regarding his past and his current behaviour  and decided on which of the Bach Flower Remedies would help Lawrence. Once completed I made his bespoke mix and the BFR was sent to Lawrence. His fosterers administered his BFR daily and continued to give Lawrence love and support. His behaviour started to change and after three weeks a review was done and a second bottle, slightly adjusted from his first as his behaviour had improved so much he was ready for his next steps in building his confidence trust and confidence.

The change in his behaviour was wonderful to see. He had gone from being the scared, frightened and fearful cat hiding away and only coming out when no one was around. He now wanted fuss, to sit on a lap, to eat during the day, enjoying the love and interacting with his fosterers. How amazing for Lawrence to feel relaxed and confident and to be able to be a cat again without fear. Enjoying life and all it has to offer a precious soul like himself.

Five months on and Lawrence will shortly be available for adoption. His past behind him and to a future full of love. The gentle power of flower essences and love and patience from the cat rescue has turned his life around.

With love,

Lorraine & Mooncat xx

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