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Lola is a beautiful cat that I worked with using Bach Flower Remedies and Animal Communication.

This is the review that her amazing guardians Catherine & Gary sent me.

I have not altered or amended any the review.

It was such a privilege to work with Lola and her guardians.

Our beautiful girl Lola had 5 kittens in August 2022 and we kept 3 of them, Mino, Prince and Zuli and the others Simba and Rocky went to live with my sister and my brother. 

Practically overnight, we went from being a 3 cat family (Syd and Charlie being her older brothers) to a 6 cat family. 

Everything seemed fine at first, but then we saw less and less of Lola, sometimes she would stay away from the house for days on end and when she did come home, it was only to eat and leave again.

During this time she was aggressive to her grown kittens and was extremely stressed being in the house, hissing and growling at anyone that came near her! She'd even stopped wanting cuddles from me and my husband which was heart breaking! This had been going on for 6 months and we had hoped it would just improve as everyone got used to the new dynamics but it wasn't happening and we started having heart breaking discussions on whether the best for Lola would be to rehome her as it was approaching winter and the thought of her spending freezing nights outside rather than curled up on beds or sofas being loved and cuddled which she used to love, was painful! That's when Lorraine came into our lives.

Lorraine spent a lot of time understanding Lola's life, from when she was a kitten to today and also understanding the dynamics of the household, the environment, the relationships and characters of all of our cats and the changes that have occurred, so she had as much information as possible.

With all that under her belt, Lorraine initially advised on changes we could make at home to make it more comfortable for Lola when she did come in to eat, whilst she prepared Lola's specific BACH flower remedy! I was initially a little sceptical at whether flower essences were going to make a difference but we were willing at that stage to try anything to get our lovely girl happy again at home!

Lorraine explained that it could take a few months of using the remedy for the affects to start working as each cat is individual, but to our astonishment, we started noticing some significant changes within days! Lola would come in for food and would only hiss and swipe at her kittens if they approached her. Before she would make a beeline for them and chase them aggressively! She became less on high alert whilst in the house and started to venture back into the front room to spend some time with us, curling up on the sofa for a snooze. This became more frequent and she started to spend more and more time at home. We were delighted and astounded. 

Lola still didn't want anything to do with the kittens but was starting to tolerate them being around, although struggled immensely with Zuli. Zuli never stopped trying to be friends but Lola was not interested and would push her away. Fast forward to today and with all the help from Lorraine, Lola is back snuggling with us all and playing with her kittens. Zuli has been accepted and actually they are now very bonded. We couldn't be happier and are so very grateful to Lorraine. We now have our beautiful girl back, happy and as loving as she ever was before and we didn't even need to finish the first bottle of her BACH flower remedy! A day we thought we'd never see again! 

Thank you So much Lorraine, you are a feline angel! #picture of Lola and Zuli!

Services used : BACH Flower Remedy and Animal Communication!

February 2024

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