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Cat Communication With Bach Flower Remedies Support

Cat Communication With Bach Flower Remedies Support

These sessions are all about you and your cat.

Is your cat displaying a behaviour and needs some emotional support?

  • Nervous of visitors to your home.
  • Runs away when the doorbell rings.
  • You have adopted a rescue cat and they are struggling to settle in.
  • They have lost their companion animal and are grieving.
  • Are having crate rest after an operation and its getting them down.

I will act as a mediator and ask your cat about the behaviour to help you understand from the cats point of view . We will work through the behaviour together to try and reach a solution. You are involved in the communication so I can relay to you what your cat is sharing to help you understand.  

I will support you and your cat, and we can look at solutions together during the session.

I will make a bespoke Bach Flower Remedy to help your cat with the issues that they are going through.

What’s Included:

  • One hour live consultation where I will relay to you what your cat companion shared.
  • We will cover the issues that you want to help with. 
  • After the session I will go through my notes and make a bespoke bottle of Bach Flower Remedies tailored to your cat’s needs.

What Happens Next:

Step 1: You can purchase a session via my website or contact me if you wish to do a bank transfer.

Step 2: I will send you a welcome email with my availability. We will arrange a suitable time for your consultation and you send me a photograph of your cat so I can prepare. 

Step 3: We meet online and I share what came through during the communication with you. 

Step 4: I study all the information received and work out what remedies will help your cat and prepare the remedy, along with a detailed sheet explaining what remedies I have chosen and why.

Step 5: I post the remedy to you along with the information sheet and a reminder of how to administer the remedy.

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